Cheep and cheerful ideas to keep ’em entertained this Easter

It’s that time again when supermarkets crack, and pile every inch of their stores with enticing, mouthwatering eggs, made from the very thing that we spend all year along trying to encourage our kids not to eat.

But, it’s Easter, and all rules on rot-your-teeth chocolate go out of the window.

What eggs have to do with the brutal death of Christ is beyond me, but hey, chocolate!

Of course, the concept of Christ being crucified for our sins is hardly one that can be sold easily to kids, so chocolate eggs it is to celebrate this holy of all days.

Unfortunately it isn’t just chocolate that shops helpfully amplify/promote, but amazing deals on toys and books under the pretence that you need to spend a lot of moolah to keep ’em sweet at Easter.

But if you haven’t got a pretty penny to spend to celebrate a day that doesn’t really have anything to do with remote controlled cars and blinging Barbies, here are some ideas of things to buy, if of course your child does NEED to be entertained.


  1. Chocolate


Are your children obsessed by Peppa, Pokemon or Blaze? Pick up a cheap themed egg from Morrison’s for as little as 85p. As they are just small, they won’t do too much lasting damage to their teeth and will buy into their commercial cravings too.

For bigger impact on the novelty scale, buy one of Lidl’s Lindt-like chocolate bunnies for less than a £1. Palm-sized, they aren’t too hefty and hopefully will get eaten rather than left to melt in a huge splodge across your sofa.

For a homely touch, make your own chocolate nests – which also doubles up as a fun activity too – using melted chocolate, crushed shredded wheat, topped with Mini Eggs.

Leave them to set, and then scoff to your heart’s content.

But what better way to teach kids about Easter by including a book for reference with their chocolate egg? The Real Easter Egg, which costs £3.99, tells the real Christian story, as well as filling them up with chocolately goodness. It is also completely Fairtrade, so you are doing your bit for charity too.

2. Egg hunts

If you fancy a chance to let them blow off steam at the same time, take your nippers to a local egg hunt or Easter event in your area. Cadbury is one confectioner hosting a range of events across the country – check out their website to see if one is near you.

If you can’t find one – or if they come with a hefty Easter tax – opt to do your own in your own home or garden.

Lidl and Poundland, as well as supermarket chains, sell reasonably priced wrapped eggs foe egg hunts, costing as little as £3 for a box, that you can hide around the house to find, while you put your feet up and take two.

Poundland, as well as The Works, sell cheap wicket baskets for roughly £1 which you can reuse to place them in.

3. Books/toys

It may be prime time for some shameless promoting of the latest toys and gadgets, there are deals to be had. Indeed, Disney fans can get their hands on 2 of their feature films for just £12 at most shops, including Morrison’s and HMV.

But if you don’t want to spend loads, traipse to your nearest Poundland or Poundworld and let your child have free reign to pick one toy.

In the same vein, charity shops often sell good-quality toys and books which can be picked up for little. Our local charity shop does a ‘fluffy dip’, where they wrap up nearly new cuddly toys and sell them 2 for £1. The joy on my daughter’s face is priceless and it is a good way to add a bit of excitement for a cheaper toy.

If your child is keen on books, buy them second-hand off Amazon. You can get used versions of the latest books often for as little as 1p, only having to pay £2.80 for delivery. I do it all the time, and I’m yet to get a book that is of poor quality.

Sometimes too, libraries sell off old books for pennies. A few years back, I bought some books, while slightly tattered, for 10p each.








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